FateTide (FT) is a free-to-play Digital Table Top Role Playing Game (VTTRPG or DTTRPG) game that allows digital tools for players and game masters to help tell their own stories.

The backbone behind FT is the code, called Janus, which is the logic structure or game mechanics which helps players and game masters seemlessly play the game. These game mechanics are discussed in the Rules section.

Key features of FT:

  1. FateTide is a fantasy role playing game.
  2. The rules behind it are not static, like in a traditional paperback book, where it can be difficult to balance or patch the game. As a fully digital approach the system is standadized more, and changes are noted in the change log. A fully digital approach, while allowing GMs to interpret creativity, allows for greater flexibility.
  3. 3rd party publishers are encouraged to incorporate their works into our Marketplace. We curate, or help port over, these works to allow for and open and endless marketplace of ideas to allow more freedom, and choices, to Players and Game Masters.
  4. Players and Game Masters can purchase items (items is another term for a segemented piece in the game universe, like a spell, class, subclass, ability or passive ability) from us, or 3rd party creators to enhance their own story telling games.
  5. At this time FT does not plan on doing a virtual table top, as we believe some of the magic lies in the imagination of the players and game master. The tools therein help assist you in playing the game however.
  6. To constantly improve the game adding more features and items to make the game more dynamic.
  7. The game, or TTRPGs is not just ours, it is only with the help thousands of creators, players, and game masters that makes this amazing experience possible. You make the game; every time you play with your friends; the game is yours, and your story to tell. At best, we provide a framework and rules to make the game "controlled" and "fair." The Core rules, base items, monsters, spells, classes, and those items tied with the source NA, are free to use. Free to use means they are in public domain, and everyone is given a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use items' sources marked as NA. Items marked as NA, their sources cannot be changed, as they are public domain. Simply put, we want to work with creators and improve our game to make it the best possible experience for everyone, and while we might be creative people, we cannot possibly be as creative as the 1000s of creators in the open market, coming up with new ideas everyday in the RPG space and want to express, or even monitize their ideas.
  8. Creators can publish their content on our site, they can publish it as viewable, or non-viewable, as well as link their PDF. Their items can be ported over into our system and be segemented out or bundled for sale. We only charge 10% on the sale of any item (industry standards range from 20-30%). We believe the real value lies in game system integiration to allow players and GMs integrated access of your ideas into expressable game mechanics.


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To edit characters or creatures.

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