Base Weapon Items

Weapon Type Classification A Roll 1 Roll 2 Cost (gp) Source
Battleaxe Melee Battleaxes 1d8 (1d10) 10 NA
Blowgun Ranged Blowguns 1d1 10 NA
Blunderbuss Ranged Blunderbusses 2d8 300 NA
Club Melee Clubs 1d4 0.10 NA
Dagger Melee Daggers 1d4 2 NA
Dart Ranged Darts 1d4 0.05 NA
Death Lance Melee Lances 1d6 4d8  10 NA
Double-Bladed Scimitar Melee Double-Bladed Scimitars 2d4 100 NA
Enhanced Unarmed Strike Melee Natural Weapon 1d4 NA
Flail Melee Flails 1d8 10 NA
Glaive Melee Glaives 1d10 20 NA
Greataxe Melee Greataxes 1d12 30 NA
Greatclub Melee Greatclubs 1d8 0.20 NA
Greatsword Melee Greatswords 2d6 50 NA
Halberd Melee Halberds 1d10 20 NA
Hand Crossbow Ranged Crossbows, Hand 1d6 75 NA
Hand Mortar Ranged Hand Mortars 2d8 1,000 NA
Handaxe Melee Handaxes 1d6 5 NA
Harpoon Melee Tridents 2d6 (1d8) 5 NA
Heavy Crossbow Ranged Crossbows, Heavy 1d10 50 NA
Javelin Melee Javelins 1d6 0.50 NA
Lance Melee Lances 1d12 10 NA
Light Crossbow Ranged Crossbows, Light 1d8 25 NA
Light Hammer Melee Hammers, Light 1d4 2 NA
Longbow Ranged Longbows 1d8 50 NA
Longshot Rifle Ranged Longshot Rifles 2d12 1,000 NA
Longsword Melee Longswords 1d8 (1d10) 15 NA
Mace Melee Maces 1d6 5 NA
Maul Melee Mauls 2d6 10 NA
Morningstar Melee Morningstars 1d8 15 NA
Musket Ranged Muskets 1d12 300 NA
Net Ranged Nets 0d0 1 NA
Palm Pistol Ranged Palm Pistols 1d8 50 NA
Pepperbox Ranged Pepperboxes 1d10 250 NA
Pike Melee Pikes 1d10 5 NA
Pistol Ranged Pistols 1d10 150 NA
Quarterstaff Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 0.20 NA
Rapier Melee Rapiers 1d8 25 NA
Rock Ranged Natural Weapon 1d6 0.01 NA
Scimitar Melee Scimitars 1d6 25 NA
Shield Bash (1d4) Melee Natural Weapon 1d4 NA
Shortbow Ranged Shortbows 1d6 25 NA
Shortsword Melee Shortswords 1d6 10 NA
Sickle Melee Sickles 1d4 0.20 NA
Sling Ranged Slings 1d4 0.10 NA
Spear Melee Spears 1d6 (1d8) 1 NA
Trident Melee Tridents 1d6 (1d8) 5 NA
War Pick Melee War Picks 1d8 5 NA
Warhammer Melee Warhammers 1d8 (1d10) 15 NA
Whip Melee Whips 1d4 2 NA

Iconic Weapons

Weapon Type Classification A Roll 1 Roll 2 Cost (gp) Source
Anthame Melee Shortswords 1d6 5,000 NA
Axe of the Dwarvish Lords Melee Battleaxes 1d8 (1d10) + 3 NA
Bigby's Clenched Fist Melee Natural Weapon 4d8 NA
Blacksteel Melee Longswords 3d8 (3d10) + 3 2d8  PG
Dagger of Venom Melee Daggers 1d4 + 1 3,000 NA
Dwarven Thrower Melee Warhammers 1d8 (1d10) + 4 2d8  18,000 NA
Eldritch Staff Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 1 10,000 NA
Hammer of Thunderbolts Melee Mauls 2d6 + 1 16,000 NA
Javelin of Lightning Melee Javelins 1d6 1,000 NA
Mace of Disruption Melee Maces 1d6 2d6  7,000 NA
Mace of Smiting Melee Maces 1d6 + 1 2d6  8,000 NA
Mace of Terror Melee Maces 1d6 9,000 NA
Oathbow Ranged Longbows 1d8 3d6  3,000 NA
Rain Stick of Mbala Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 1 5,000 NA
Scimitar of Speed Melee Scimitars 1d6 + 2 6,000 NA
Serpent's Fang Melee Longswords 1d8 (1d10) 1d10  1,500 NA
Staff of Charming Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 10,000 NA
Staff of Fire Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 10,000 NA
Staff of Frost Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 30,000 NA
Staff of Healing Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 10,000 NA
Staff of Power Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 2 70,000 NA
Staff of Striking Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 3 20,000 NA
Staff of Swarming Insects Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 20,000 NA
Staff of the Magi Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 2 200,000 NA
Staff of the Python Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 2,000 NA
Staff of the Woodlands Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 2 44,000 NA
Staff of Thunder and Lightning Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) + 2 10,000 NA
Staff of Withering Melee Quarterstaffs 1d6 (1d8) 3,000 NA
Sun Blade Melee Longswords 1d8 (1d10) + 2 1d8  10,000 NA
Trident of Fish Command Melee Tridents 1d6 (1d8) 800 NA


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