Innate Skills

Skill Icon Essence Used Description
Attention Your Attention Roll lets you spot, hear, or otherwise detect the presence of something. It measures your general awareness of your surroundings and the keenness of your senses. It typically relies on hearing, seeing, or smelling the environment.

When another creature tries to sneak up on you, the Game Master might roll in secret, a hidden roll, as a Contesting Skill Roll to determine if you spot a creature, or group of creatures trying to get the Surprised on you.
Empathy Your Empathy the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Examples: Trying to determine if someone is lying. Trying to determine how someone is acting. How an animal is feeling. Understanding a creature's motives.

This is typically used as a Contesting Skill Roll vs. Influence and can be toggled to be a Hidden Roll.
Frighten The act or process of attempting to force or deter an action by inducing fear or awe.

Examples include trying to pry information out of a prisoner, convincing street thugs to back down from a confrontation, or using the edge of a broken bottle to convince a sneering vizier to reconsider a decision.

This is typically a Contesting Skill Roll vs. Empathy.

Upon failure you are Frightened and retry the roll on the End of Your Turn.
Influence Whenever you try to persuade, deceive, or move the intent or motivation of a Target an Influence Skill Roll is made.

This is typically a Contesting Skill Roll vs. Empathy and can be toggled as a Hidden Roll.

More difficult Influence roll might require a Contesting Skill Challenge.

Example: Convincing a King might require 5 to 10 successful rolls in a row to change their position on a war.

Example: Taming a creature.
Initiative When Initiative is rolled, all creatures are put in Alternating Initiative.
Inspection The act of inspecting or viewing, especially carefully or critically. Usually requires touch or being within reach of the Target.

You might deduce the location of a hidden object, discern from the appearance of a wound what kind of weapon dealt it, or determine the weakest point in a tunnel that could cause it to collapse, solving a mystery.

Usually against a fixed DC as a Hidden Roll.
Sneak To go in a stealthy or furtive manner; slink; skulk; to act in a furtive or underhand way.

Usually a Contesting Skill Roll vs. the Target's Attention as a Hidden Roll.

This skill can be used in pick pocketing or stealing.

To start a Sneak Skill Roll vs a target's attention, you must be out of all targets' line of sight you are trying to sneak against.


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