Every class has subclasses which add more specialization and flavour to the character. These subclasses level up when your class levels up (not your total character level). Certain classes unlock their subclasses at higher levels, while others might unlock at the lower levels.

While there are only a dozen or so classes for players to choose from, there are multitudes of subclasses to choose from.

Blood of the Angel
Blood of the Dragon
Blood of the Shadow
Blood of the Storm
Color of Black
Color of Blue
Color of Green
Color of Red
Color of Violet
Conclave of the Aberration
Conclave of the Dragon
Conclave of the Marksmen
Conclave of the Monstrosity
Faith in Fate
Faith in Fire
Faith in Life
Faith in Light
Faith in the Spirits
Faith in the Storm
Grove of the Desert
Grove of the Forest
Grove of the Infestation
Grove of the Skinwalker
Grove of the Swamp
Grove of the Waterway
Mind of the Clairvoyant
Mind of the Metamorph
Mind of the Telekinetic
Mind of the Telepath
Oath of Honor
Oath of Mercy
Oath of the Guardian
Oath of Vengeance
Patron of Death
Patron of the Artifact
Patron of The Devil
Patron of the Fey
Song of Knowledge
Song of the Dancer
Song of the Fey
Song of the Vocalist
Specialist in Assassination
Specialist in Espionage
Specialist in Piracy
Specialist in Thievery
Tao of Gentleness
Tao of Ninjutsu
Tao of Senjing Ganrao
Tao of the Cloudrunner
Trail of the Berserker
Trail of the Shatterguard
Trail of the Takedown
Trail of the Untamed
Training in Bushido
Training in Fey Archery
Training in Precision
Training in the Juggernaut

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