Ability Roll Type Roll 1 Roll 2 Source
Breath Weapon - Fire (15) (2d6) 2d6 N/A
Breath Weapon - Fire (30) (16d6) 16d6 N/A
A King's Delicacy 1d8 N/A
A Treat for a Queen N/A
Abjure Enemy N/A
Aboleth Enslavement N/A
Aboleth Psychic Drain 3d6 N/A
Abyssal Reckoning 20d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Acid Spit (2d8) 2d8 N/A
Activate Mirror of Life Trapping N/A
Additional Wizard Spells N/A
Adept Aid 1d6 + [priest_level] N/A
Adept Channel N/A
Adept Restore 0d0 + 1 N/A
Adult Black Dragon Breath Weapon 12d8 N/A
Adult Blue Dragon Breath 12d10 N/A
Adult Brass Dragon Breath Weapon - Fire 13d6 N/A
Adult Bronze Dragon Breath Weapon - Lightning 12d10 N/A
Adult Copper Dragon Breath - Acid 12d8 N/A
Adult Gold Dragon Breath - Fire 12d10 N/A
Adult Gold Dragon Breath - Weakening N/A
Adult Green Dragon Breath - Poison 16d6 N/A
Adult Silver Dragon Breath - Cold 13d8 N/A
Adult White Dragon Breath - Cold 12d8 N/A
Aegis of Compassion 4d20 FateTide: Player's Guide
Aegis of Dawn FateTide: Player's Guide
Aegis of Light FateTide: Player's Guide
Aegis of Souls FateTide: Player's Guide
Alchemical Protection N/A
Alchemist Flame Thrower 2d4 N/A
Alien Senses FateTide: Player's Guide
Align Notches on Orb of Gonging Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
All Will Burn FateTide: Player's Guide
Alluring Performance N/A
Amorphous Body N/A
Ancient Black Dragon Breath Weapon 15d8 N/A
Ancient Blue Dragon Breath - Lightning 16d10 N/A
Ancient Brass Dragon Breath - Fire 16d6 N/A
Ancient Bronze Dragon Breath - Lightning 16d10 N/A
Ancient Copper Dragon Breath - Acid 14d8 N/A
Ancient Gold Dragon Breath - Fire 13d10 N/A
Ancient Green Dragon Breath - Poison 22d6 N/A
Ancient Might FateTide: Player's Guide
Ancient Red Dragon Breath - Fire 26d6 N/A
Ancient Silver Dragon Breath - Cold 15d8 N/A
Ancient White Dragon Breath - Cold 16d8 N/A
Androsphinx - First Roar N/A
Androsphinx - Second Roar N/A
Androsphinx - Third Roar 8d10 N/A
Angelic Beacon 10d12 10d12  FateTide: Player's Guide
Animate Boulders N/A
Animate Chains N/A
Animate Specter N/A
Ankheg Acid Spray 3d6 N/A
Anomaly Avatar FateTide: Player's Guide
Antimagic Shot FateTide: Player's Guide
Arcane Blast 1d10 N/A
Arcane Bolt 8d6 N/A
Arcane Empowerment FateTide: Player's Guide
Arcane Repulsion N/A
Ascendant Aspect Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
Ascendant Dragon Origin Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
Aspect of the Unseen FateTide: Player's Guide
Assembled Batteling Ram N/A
Assembled Battleaxe N/A
Assembled Climbing Pole N/A
Assembled Flaming Sword N/A
Assembled Sextant N/A
Assembled Spear N/A
Avatar of the Faith N/A
Avenging Beacon N/A
Bag of Devouring Yum Yum Time N/A
Ball Lightning N/A
Balor Demon Summoning N/A
Banish the Darkness 2d10 + [priest_level] FateTide: Player's Guide
Barrage 2d10 N/A
Barrier of Mercy 1d12 + [paladin_level] FateTide: Player's Guide
Bashee Wail 3d6 N/A
Battlefield Dominance N/A
Behir Lightning Breath 12d10 N/A
Bewitching Gyrations N/A
Biological Camouflage FateTide: Player's Guide
Biomatter Shell 0d0 + 2*[druid_level] FateTide: Player's Guide
Black Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Acid 5d8 N/A
Blasphemous Word N/A
Blazing Sprint 3d6 N/A
Blessed Ground N/A
Blessing of Spellwarding FateTide: Player's Guide
Blessing Upon You 1d6 N/A
Blighted Ground 2d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Blinding Breath N/A
Blinding Gaze N/A
Blindsense N/A
Blood Drain (Mist Form Only) 4d6 + 8 N/A
Blood Drain, Minor 2d4 N/A
Blood Offering to the Shadows 1d4 N/A
Blood Pact 2d8 N/A
Blood Vapor 6d10 Lunch Break Heroes
Bloom of Life 0d0 + [druid_level] N/A
Blow Horn of Blasting 5d6 N/A
Blue Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Lightning 4d10 N/A
Body Crush (6d20) 6d20 N/A
Bolster Resolve 0d0 + [champion_level] N/A
Bolster Summon [x]d8 N/A
Bonus Proficiencies (College of Lore) N/A
Bound Magic N/A
Brace for Impact FateTide: Player's Guide
Brass Dragon Breath Weapon - Sleep N/A
Brass Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Fire 4d6 N/A
Breath of the Dragon Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
Breath of Wasps N/A
Bronze Dragon Breath Weapon - Repulsion N/A
Bronze Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Lightning 3d10 N/A
Bulette Deadly Leap 3d6 + 4 3d6 + 4  N/A
Bursting Arrow, Master 4d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Bursting Arrow, Minor 2d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Call Dragons N/A
Call of Valhalla | Brass 3d4 + 3 N/A
Call of Valhalla | Bronze 4d4 + 4 N/A
Call of Valhalla | Iron 5d4 + 5 N/A
Call of Valhalla | Silver 2d4 + 2 N/A
Call to Attack N/A
Captivating Performance N/A
Caress of Isha 1d10 N/A
Carnivorous Thicket 7d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Catchy Performance N/A
Celestial Blast 7d8 3d8  FateTide: Player's Guide
Celestial Harmony FateTide: Player's Guide
Challenging Roar FateTide: Player's Guide
Change Shape N/A
Change Shape, Flawed N/A
Channel Divinity (2/rest) N/A
Channel Divinity (3/rest) N/A
Channel Divinity: Summon Duplicate N/A
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (1 CR) N/A
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (1/2 CR) N/A
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (2 CR) N/A
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (3 CR) N/A
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (4 CR) N/A
Channel Negative Energy N/A
Charm of Cold Resistance N/A
Charming Gaze N/A
Chicanary N/A
Children of the Night N/A
Chillcry Howl N/A
Chosen N/A
Cloak of Shadows FateTide: Player's Guide
Cloaker Moan N/A
Close Eversmoking Bottle N/A
Cobra Spit Strike 4d8 N/A
Command Rope of Entanglement N/A
Command the Wave 5d10 N/A
Compel Demon N/A
Conjure Longsword FateTide: Player's Guide
Conjure Pact Tailsman Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Construct Smiter N/A
Copper Dragon Breath - Slow N/A
Copper Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Acid 4d8 N/A
Copy Spellbook N/A
Corpse Tendrils FateTide: Player's Guide
Corrosive Bile Spray 18d6 N/A
Countercharm N/A
Create Ice Sculpture N/A
Create Star Map Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Curse of Exhaustion FateTide: Player's Guide
Curse of Lycanthropy N/A
Custom Ability N/A
Cutthroat N/A
Cutting Cord 0d0 + [bard_level] N/A
Cyclonic Havoc 8d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Daern's Instant Fortress Summon Attack 10d10 N/A
Dance with Me 1d4 FateTide: Player's Guide
Dawn of Merciful Light 3d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Deadly Rebuke Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Deafening Thunder N/A
Deafening Thunderclap N/A
Deafening Voice N/A
Death Glare 10d10 N/A
Defensive Tactics N/A
Deft Explorer N/A
Demoralizing Shout 1d6 N/A
Deployable N/A
Derendian Moth Lay Egg N/A
Destroy Undead (CR 1) N/A
Destroy Undead (CR 1/2) N/A
Destroy Undead (CR 2) N/A
Destroy Undead (CR 3) N/A
Destroy Undead (CR 4) N/A
Destroying Bag of Devouring N/A
Determined Resolve N/A
Devouring Swarm 10d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Dhampir Gaze N/A
Dhampir Regeneration 2d10 N/A
Discorporate N/A
Disengage N/A
Dismiss Daern's Instant Fortress N/A
Dismount a Creature N/A
Dispel Evil and Good: Break Enchantment N/A
Disrupt Life 6d6 N/A
Distracting Glare N/A
Distrupt the Unholy Hit N/A
Distruptive Soul Release 12d8 12d8  FateTide: Player's Guide
Divine Arbiter's Gaze FateTide: Player's Guide
Divine Bubble FateTide: Player's Guide
Divine Connection 1d4 FateTide: Player's Guide
Divine Dread N/A
Divine Healing 1d10 + [priest_level] N/A
Divine Radiance 3d6 3d6  FateTide: Player's Guide
Dodge N/A
Down to Hell 15d10 8d8  N/A
Draconic Breath [mana]d6 N/A
Draconic Disciple Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
Draconic Greed N/A
Draconic Immunity N/A
Draconic Lore N/A
Draconic Plane Strider N/A
Draconic Senses N/A
Draconic Tail 8d10 N/A
Draconic Wing Buffet 8d8 N/A
Dragon Turtle Steam Breath 15d6 N/A
Drain Life [x]d8 + 3 FateTide: Player's Guide
Draining Kiss 5d10 N/A
Draining Melody 4d10 Lunch Break Heroes
Dreamwalker Lunch Break Heroes
Drink Bead of Refreshment N/A
Druid Circles N/A
Dump Magic Beans N/A
Dust Cloud N/A
Dust of Dryness Attack 10d6 N/A
Dybbuk Possess Corpse + 20 N/A
Earth Elemental Myrmidon Thunderous Strike 4d10 N/A
Eat Bead of Nourishment N/A
Ebon Shroud FateTide: Player's Guide
Elder Brain Mind Blast 5d10 + 5 N/A
Eldritch Surge 10d6 10d6  FateTide: Player's Guide
Eldritch Weapon Bond Player's Handbook
Electric Discharge 3d10 N/A
Elemental Barrier [x]d8 N/A
Elemental Blast 1d12 N/A
Elemental Nova 6d10 N/A
Elemental Overload N/A
Elemental Whirlwind 3d8 + 2 N/A
Embolded the Winds 1d4 FateTide: Player's Guide
Embolding Fury N/A
Enchanted Encore FateTide: Player's Guide
Encouraging Performance 2d4 + [soul] N/A
Enemy Detection N/A
Enigmatic Ensnarement FateTide: Player's Guide
Entangling Vines N/A
Ethereal Bastion FateTide: Player's Guide
Ethereal Lure N/A
Ethereal Stride N/A
Ettercap Web N/A
Euphoria Breath N/A
Exemption N/A
Exhaustive Use N/A
Expell N/A
Explosive Bolt 5d6 N/A
Extract Brain 10d10 N/A
Eye of Comes 5d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Faint Echos from the Titans N/A
Favored Enemy (Aberrations) N/A
Favored Enemy (Beasts) N/A
Favored Enemy (Celestials) N/A
Favored Enemy (Constructs) N/A
Favored Enemy (Dragons) N/A
Favored Enemy (Elementals) N/A
Favored Enemy (Fey) N/A
Favored Enemy (Fiends) N/A
Favored Enemy (Giants) N/A
Favored Enemy (Monstrosities) N/A
Favored Enemy (Oozes) N/A
Favored Enemy (Plants) N/A
Favored Enemy (Undead) N/A
Feral Swarm 4d6 4d4  FateTide: Player's Guide
Fetid Cloud N/A
Fey Agitation FateTide: Player's Guide
Fey Delirium FateTide: Player's Guide
Fiery Strikes 2d6 N/A
Fire Breath, Minor 2d6 N/A
Fire Spray 3d6 N/A
Fire Whispers N/A
Flames of The Abyss 6d6 N/A
Flexible Casting N/A
Flight of the Damned 8d8 N/A
Frightening Gaze N/A
Frightening Shout N/A
Gem of Infinite Power Attunement 20d12 N/A
Gemfinder FateTide: Player's Guide
Genie Wishes N/A
Giant Body Slam 1d12 + [body] N/A
Giant Frog Swallow 2d4 N/A
Giant Toad Swallow 3d6 N/A
Giant's Bane N/A
Gift of Vengeance Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Gold Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Fire 4d10 N/A
Gold Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Weakening N/A
Grace of Titian Harmony 1d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Great Weapon Master: Heavy Swing Alkander's Almanac of All Things
Green Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Poison 6d6 N/A
Guardian of the Ancient Kings FateTide: Player's Guide
Gulthias Tree Poison Breath 6d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Half-Red Dragon Veteran Breath - Fire 7d6 N/A
Hallucinogenic Spores N/A
Haunting Spirit 20d10 N/A
Healing Nova 6d6 N/A
Healing Touch (2d8) 2d8 + 2 N/A
Healing Touch (4d8) 4d8 + 2 N/A
Healing Touch (6d8) 6d8 + 3 N/A
Healing Touch (8d8) 8d8 + 4 N/A
Heart Sight N/A
Heavenily Wings FateTide: Player's Guide
Heavenly Beacon 3d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Heavenly Bolt 15d10 N/A
Heavy Snow N/A
Hell Hound Breath - Fire 6d6 N/A
Help N/A
Hide N/A
Holy Nimbus 0d0 + 10 N/A
Honest Chance N/A
Horror Nimbus N/A
Human Proficiency N/A
Hurl Through Hell 10d10 N/A
Ice Box N/A
Ice Mephit Breath - Cold 2d4 N/A
Icey Touch Lunch Break Heroes
Icon of Darkness 1d10 + 20 N/A
Immolation of the Unclean 1d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Immovable Item N/A
Inanimate Possession N/A
Inciting Howl N/A
Incorporeal Movement Lunch Break Heroes
Infernal Command N/A
Inferno of Ivona FateTide: Player's Guide
Ink Cloud N/A
Inner Power (1) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (2) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (3) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (4) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (5) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (6) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (7) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (8) FateTide: Player's Guide
Inner Power (9) FateTide: Player's Guide
Insect Cloud N/A
Insidious N/A
Intellect Extraction N/A
Intimidating Shout N/A
Intuit Direction FateTide: Player's Guide
Iron Golem Breath - Poison 10d8 N/A
Jarring Cord 2d8 N/A
Kraken Ink Cloud 3d10 N/A
Lashing Root 3d6 N/A
Last Stand 1d8 + 15 FateTide: Player's Guide
Lay on Hands 10d10 + [paladin_level] FateTide: Player's Guide
Legendary Caster N/A
Leviathan Steam Breath 12d6 12d6  N/A
Light of Isha 10d10 N/A
Lightning Flare 4d6 N/A
Lightning Hit N/A
Living Sundial FateTide: Player's Guide
Low Hanging Fruit 1d8 Jack's Toy Bin
Lustrous Shield FateTide: Player's Guide
Magma Reservoir 10d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Major Impediment N/A
Many Faces N/A
Mask of the Wild N/A
Mass Adept Invisibility FateTide: Player's Guide
Master Divine Calling N/A
Master Doffer N/A
Master of the Sun N/A
Master of the Tower of the Horn N/A
Master Restore 0d0 + 5 N/A
Master Spiritual Rejuvenation N/A
Meditation 0d0 + [monk_level] N/A
Medusa Petrifying Gaze N/A
Mend the Spirit N/A
Mind Blast 4d8 + 4 N/A
Mind Mastery N/A
Minor Blessing of Omus FateTide: Player's Guide
Minor Divine Calling N/A
Minor Impediment N/A
Mirror Life Trap N/A
Moew Lure N/A
Molder of Illusion FateTide: Player's Guide
Mosquito Swarm 4d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Mount a Creature N/A
Mounting Despair Lunch Break Heroes
Move Sphere of Annihilation 4d10 N/A
Mycokinetic Telepathy FateTide: Player's Guide
Naturally Stealthy N/A
Necrotic Spore Burst 12d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Nightmare Haunting 1d10 N/A
No Blade Can Harm Me N/A
Now You See Me N/A
Oakskin N/A
Oath Spells N/A
Obscurement of Ivona 3d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Octopus Ink Cloud N/A
One with Shadow Tomb of Beasts 2
Open Eversmoking Bottle N/A
Open Portable Hole N/A
Open Rift to the Abyss 8d6 N/A
Open Rift to the Heavens 8d6 N/A
Overflowing Light 2d8 + 2 FateTide: Player's Guide
Paranormal Reapers 12d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Pentadrone Paralysis Gas N/A
Perfect Pitch N/A
Petrifying Breath N/A
Petrifying Gaze N/A
Phantom Dance of Shadows 40d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Piercing Shots 2d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Plant Magic Bean N/A
Poltergeist Telekinetic Thrust 3d6 N/A
Portal Manipulation N/A
Possession N/A
Power from Blood N/A
Power Strike N/A
Presence of Mind N/A
Protective Aura N/A
Psychic Crush 3d6 N/A
Pull Gray Fuzzy N/A
Pull Rusty Fuzzy N/A
Pull Tan Fuzzy N/A
Quaal's Feather Token, Anchor Ship N/A
Quciksand Grasp FateTide: Player's Guide
Quell the Flame FateTide: Player's Guide
Quenching Haven N/A
Quick Study: Transmutation FateTide: Player's Guide
Rage of Ivona 2d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Rapid Trap N/A
Rapido N/A
Rapture N/A
Ready N/A
Rebuke [priest_level]d4 N/A
Recalled Tales of Old N/A
Red Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Fire 7d6 N/A
Refill Life [x]d8 + 3 FateTide: Player's Guide
Reforestation N/A
Regain Spell Slot (3rd) N/A
Release Trapped Soul N/A
Relief N/A
Remorhaz Swallow 6d6 N/A
Rescue N/A
Restore Plant 10d10 N/A
Restore Summon 10d10 N/A
Retractable Blade FateTide: Player's Guide
Retributive Strike N/A
Retrieve item from bag of holding N/A
Reverse Enchantment N/A
Revitalizing Radiance 4d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Ricochet Hit N/A
Ride the Lightning FateTide: Player's Guide
Roaring Performance N/A
Rolling Rock 3d10 + 6 N/A
Rust Monster Antennae N/A
Sacred Weapon N/A
Sacrifice Life 3d8 + 5 N/A
Saftey in the Sands N/A
Salt Burst 3d6 N/A
Sand Armor N/A
Sand Blast 1d8 N/A
Sand Whirlpool 3d12 N/A
Sandslash N/A
Savage Bellow N/A
Scare N/A
Searing Burst 4d6 4d6  N/A
Seeing Double N/A
Seeping Venom Blade N/A
Seismic Slam 3d10 N/A
Sense Black Dragons N/A
Sense Blue Dragons N/A
Sense Brass Dragons N/A
Sense Bronze Dragons N/A
Sense Copper Dragons N/A
Sense Gold Dragons N/A
Sense Green Dragons N/A
Sense Magic N/A
Sense Red Dragons N/A
Sense Silver Dragons N/A
Sense White Dragons N/A
Sense Witchcraft FateTide: Player's Guide
Serene Regeneration 0d0 + 1 N/A
Serenity N/A
Shackle Creature with Dimensional Shackles N/A
Shadow Bolt 3d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Shadow Breath 16d6 N/A
Shadow Manipulation N/A
Shadow Tether FateTide: Player's Guide
Shambling Mound Digest 2d8 N/A
Shared Invisibility N/A
Shell Defense FateTide: Player's Guide
Shifting Skin FateTide: Player's Guide
Shimmering Shield N/A
Shocking Retribution N/A
Shooting Stars N/A
Shrieker Shriek N/A
Shuffle of the Planes N/A
Silver Dragon Breath Weapon - Paralyzing N/A
Silver Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Cold 4d8 N/A
Silver Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Paralyzing N/A
Sneaky Smokebinder N/A
Solar Flare 10d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Song from the Crafter N/A
Song of Future Secrets N/A
Song of Haunting N/A
Song of Mighty Doom 0d0 + 10 N/A
Song of Recovery 1d8 + [spellcasting_essence] N/A
Song of Rest (d10) 1d10 N/A
Song of Rest (d12) 1d12 N/A
Song of Rest (d8) 1d8 N/A
Song of the Builders N/A
Song of the Rat Swarm N/A
Songs of the Mind N/A
Sonic Boom 3d10 N/A
Sonic Scream 2d6 N/A
Soothing Clouds 0d0 + 3*[monk_level] N/A
Soul Drain 4d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Soul Prison FateTide: Player's Guide
Soul Reaver's Embrace 8d8 + 60 N/A
Soulforge Resilence FateTide: Player's Guide
Soulreaper's Grasp 5d6 FateTide: Player's Guide
Soulshaper's Embrace FateTide: Player's Guide
Spew Spider Web N/A
Spirit Well N/A
Spiritual Rejuvenation N/A
Spit Fire 2d8 N/A
Spriggin Water Jet 3d6 Jack's Toy Bin
Spriggin's Nature Blessing 3d10 + 5 Jack's Toy Bin
Steam Breath 1d8 N/A
Stone Golem Slow N/A
Storm Giant Lightning Strike 12d8 N/A
Storm Giant Thunderous Stomp 6d10 N/A
Strike of Boreas 2d8 N/A
Student of the Arcane N/A
Stunning Glance N/A
Stunning Screech N/A
Stygian Breath 12d6 N/A
Summon Daern's Instant Fortress N/A
Summon Djinni N/A
Summon Minor Tree Spirit N/A
Summon Minor Tree Spirits 0d0 + 3 N/A
Summon Oak Tree N/A
Summon Staff Python N/A
Summon Titanoboa FateTide: Player's Guide
Summon Umbral Grasp FateTide: Player's Guide
Summon Wasp Sworm N/A
Suppression N/A
Swarm Consciousness Lunch Break Heroes
Temporal Convergence FateTide: Player's Guide
Temporal Manipulation FateTide: Player's Guide
Tengu's Wrath 6d12 FateTide: Player's Guide
Tenha Kassatsu 3d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Terrifying Glare N/A
Terrifying Presence N/A
Terror of the Dragon N/A
The Devil's Frightening Gaze N/A
The Dragon's Breath 3d6 N/A
The Final Song 6d8 N/A
The Rumbling N/A
Third Eye Vision N/A
Throw Bead of Force N/A
Throw Dodecahedron of Doom Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Throw Dust of Sneezing and Choking N/A
Thunder and Lightning N/A
Time Inhalation, Adept 11d8 N/A
Time Inhalation, Major 12d8 N/A
Time Inhalation, Master 20d8 N/A
Time Inhalation, Minor 5d8 N/A
Tinker N/A
Tit for Tat Lunch Break Heroes
Tongue (20) N/A
Tossin' Time 3d6 N/A
Touch of Isha 1d10 N/A
Touch of the Archdruid N/A
Touch of the Archmage N/A
Touch of the Wild N/A
Toxic Bloom 4d10 FateTide: Player's Guide
Turn the Unholy N/A
Ultroloth Hypnotic Gaze N/A
Umbral Shroud FateTide: Player's Guide
Uncloak the Shadow FateTide: Player's Guide
Undying Wisdom Alkander's Almanac of All Things
Unmistakable Urges FateTide: Player's Guide
Unwooed N/A
Unworthy Mortal Minds Attunment N/A
Uplifiting Performance N/A
Use Iron Flask N/A
Use Keoghtom's Ointment 2d8 + 2 N/A
Vampire Gaze N/A
Veil of Oblivion FateTide: Player's Guide
Veil of Shadows FateTide: Player's Guide
Veritas Seeker N/A
Vibrating Performance 2d10 N/A
Violent Scream 2d6 N/A
Void Conduit N/A
Volley N/A
Vrock Spores 1d10 N/A
Waltz of the Fey Step N/A
Warden's Vigor 2d20 FateTide: Player's Guide
Water Elemental Whelm 2d8 + 4 N/A
Weird Insight N/A
Whelming Water N/A
Whirlwind Attack N/A
White Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Cold 5d8 N/A
Wild Companion N/A
Wildshift (1) N/A
Wildshift (11) N/A
Wildshift (19) N/A
Wildshift (7) N/A
Wildshift Mistform N/A
Wildshift Water Elemental N/A
Wind Step (old) Storm King's Thunder
Winds of the Ariessian 2d4 N/A
Wing Attack 2d6 + [body] N/A
Wings of the Primal Tender N/A
Winter Wolf Breath - Cold 4d8 N/A
Withering Gaze 4d10 N/A
Withering Hit N/A
Woodlands Staff Tree Form N/A
Write Spell into Spellbook N/A
Wyvren Blast 4d6 N/A
X-Ray Vision N/A
Young Black Dragon Breath - Acid 11d8 N/A
Young Blue Dragon Breath - Lightning 10d10 N/A
Young Brass Dragon Breath - Fire 12d6 N/A
Young Brass Dragon Breath - Slow N/A
Young Bronze Dragon Breath - Lightning 10d10 N/A
Young Copper Dragon Breath - Acid 9d8 N/A
Young Copper Dragon Breath - Slow N/A
Young Gold Dragon Breath - Fire 10d10 N/A
Young Gold Dragon Breath - Weakening N/A
Young Green Dragon Breath - Poison 12d6 N/A
Young Silver Dragon Breath - Cold 12d8 N/A
Young Silver Dragon Breath - Paralyzing N/A
Young White Dragon Breath - Cold 10d8 N/A


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