Free Abilities

Aberrant Quickness N/A
Adrenaline Rush FateTide: Player's Guide
Aggressive N/A
Agonizing Gaze N/A
Alluring Movements FateTide: Player's Guide
Amplify Bending [x]d4 N/A
Annihilating Form N/A
Apau Perape Diseased Blood N/A
Aura of the Abyss N/A
Aura of the Grave 1d6 N/A
Barbed Hide 1d10 N/A
Bonded Healing 1d8 + [soul] N/A
Braveheart Blessing 0d0 + 1 N/A
Burning Embrace 8d6 N/A
Burning Touch Retaliation (d10) 1d10 N/A
Candle Snuffer N/A
Celestial Aid 1d10 N/A
Charge (10ft) (3d10) 3d10 N/A
Chimera's Flame Sac Afterburn 1d6 N/A
Cleansing Purge N/A
Cloud Step N/A
Coak of Shadowflame Lash 2d8 N/A
Coastal Stride N/A
Cold Lash 0d0 + 5 N/A
Cold Shield Lash 2d8 N/A
Critical Slash N/A
Crushing Critical N/A
Custom Free Ability N/A
Deadly Weapon N/A
Death Throes - Fire 20d6 (30) 20d6 N/A
Death Throes - Fire d8 (5) 1d8 N/A
Desert Stride N/A
Digest (10d10) 10d10 N/A
Digest (12d6) 6d12 N/A
Digest (2d4) 2d4 N/A
Digest (3d6) 3d6 N/A
Digest (3d8) 3d8 N/A
Digest (4d6) 4d6 N/A
Digest (6d6) 6d6 N/A
Dirty Fighting N/A
Disengage N/A
Divine Battlelust 0d0 + 2 N/A
Draw Tension FateTide: Player's Guide
Drill Lance 1d10 The Griffon's Saddlebag
Elemental Chain Reactions 3d10 N/A
Elemental Warding N/A
Enchanted Shielding 0d0 + [spellcasting_essence] N/A
Enchanting Presence N/A
Evicerate N/A
Fervorous Rush N/A
Feyfoot Glide N/A
Fire Blood 0d0 + 1 N/A
Fire Retaliation (d10) 1d10 N/A
Fire Retalitation (2d6) 1d6 N/A
Fire Retalitation (d6) 1d6 N/A
Fire Shield Lash 2d8 N/A
Flames of Influence N/A
Foment Confusion N/A
Fomorian Curse of the Evil Eye N/A
Forest Stride FateTide: Player's Guide
Frenzy N/A
Frightful Presence N/A
Froghemoth Swallow 3d6 N/A
Frothing Assailant N/A
Fuel The Flames 3d8 N/A
Gain Fate Suit: Change FateTide: Player's Guide
Gain Fate Suit: Prosperity FateTide: Player's Guide
Gain Fate Suit: War FateTide: Player's Guide
Gambit N/A
Gibbering Maddness N/A
GM Apply Flanked N/A
GM Apply Protected N/A
GM Remove Flanked N/A
GM Remove Protected N/A
Heated Body (3d6) 3d6 N/A
Heavy Swing FateTide: Player's Guide
Hold onto Mastery 1d10 N/A
Iaido Mastery FateTide: Player's Guide
Ice Mephit Death Burst 1d8 N/A
Infecting Telepathy N/A
Kettle Mimic Digest 2d8 N/A
Kip Up N/A
Lightning Infusion 5d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Lightning Retaliation (d10) 1d10 N/A
Lightning Retaliation (d12) 1d12 N/A
Lightning Retaliation (d4) 1d4 N/A
Lightning Retaliation (d6) 1d6 N/A
Lightning Retaliation (d8) 1d8 N/A
Martial Advantage (4d6) 4d6 N/A
Mortal Aim FateTide: Player's Guide
Mucous Cloud N/A
Necortic Infusion 3d8 FateTide: Player's Guide
Necrotic Aura (d4) 1d4 N/A
Nihileth Void Aura N/A
No One Escapes N/A
Obliterate N/A
Phalanx N/A
Phoenix Retalitation 1d8 N/A
Poison Retalitation (2d6) 1d6 N/A
Poison Retalitation (d6) 1d6 N/A
Poisonous Skin N/A
Preemptive Strike N/A
Quick Ritual N/A
Rapid Reload FateTide: Player's Guide
Reckless Abandon N/A
Reckless Attack N/A
Reckless Frenzy N/A
Reliablity of Mjohnr N/A
Remove Flanked from Self N/A
Restless Revenege 0d0 + [total_level] N/A
Rock Camouflage N/A
Savior from Harm N/A
Scrap Off N/A
Shadow Dash Stance Tomb of Beasts 2
Shield Bracing N/A
Soul Destroyer 20d20 N/A
Sparkling Scales N/A
Speed Surge N/A
Spirits to Adon FateTide: Player's Guide
Stormbringer Creed FateTide: Player's Guide
Swamp Stride FateTide: Player's Guide
Sworn Enemy of the Oathbow N/A
Tempest Invocation FateTide: Player's Guide
That's a Grudgin' N/A
The Beast Within N/A
The Double Step FateTide: Player's Guide
The End is Near 5d10 N/A
The Mastermind FateTide: Player's Guide
Thief’s Reflexes N/A
Thunderous Push FateTide: Player's Guide
Till Death Due Us Part N/A
Time Slip FateTide: Player's Guide
Timeless Tango FateTide: Player's Guide
Trample (5d8) 5d8 N/A
Transmuting Digest N/A
Treasure Sense N/A
Unbreakable Line N/A
Undead Fortitude 0d0 + 1 N/A
Unheard N/A
Unholy Strikes 1d8 N/A
Unleash N/A
Unnatural Healing N/A
Unseen N/A
Vile Teleport (Heal) 0d0 + 80 N/A
Void Channel N/A
Void Deconstruction N/A
Void Enhancer N/A
Void Knowledge N/A
Volatile Barrage Burning N/A
Volatile Barrage Healing (d8) 1d8 N/A
Volatile Barrage Poisoned N/A
Volatile Barrage Sleeping N/A
Wind Step N/A
Withering Contact 1d10 N/A

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